We partner with a wide range of private and public companies and early stage ventures in Australia and around the world

A global investment portfolio


Private equity-style investing in Australasian public companies

We help Boards and management teams of Australasian public companies realise value improvement potential, working with them in a positive and constructive way.

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Private Equity

Tanarra invests in mid-market Australasian businesses

We make investments in high quality businesses with enterprise values of typically $50 – $300 million. Unlike conventional PE funds, we have an open-ended, long term investment horizon and are not obliged to sell within fixed time frames. We like to help businesses move to their next stage of growth.

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A global portfolio of next generation emerging technologies

We invest in emerging companies globally with an emphasis on disruptive technologies.

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Credit Partners

Tanarra Credit Partners (“TCP”) invests in senior and mezzanine loans across Asia-Pacific, especially for asset light and growth companies

TCP provides attractive risk-adjusted returns by filling the gap created by banks’ reduced appetite for risk weighted assets as they are faced with increased regulatory capital requirements. Loans are primarily non-investment grade with an emphasis on asset light and growth companies.

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Australian Recovery Fund

A fund focused on distressed debt and special situation credit investments

We partner with businesses that are under stress to turn them around and grow them.

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Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors

Working pro bono with Australian charity organisations to help them deliver best in class social and economic outcomes.

Tanarra Philanthropic Advisors is a social purpose enterprise providing pro-bono and low-bono independent commercial advice to charities, that is historically only available to the corporate sector.

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